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Our goal is to help your small business achieve that feeling of success! We
provide you with easy access to cash in order to make the necessary
real-time business decisions. You'll have access to your line 24/7, the ability
to use and draw from that line once per day, and you'll pay only for what you use.


  • Our state of the art algorithm gives us the unique capability to approve your application from $2K up to $150K in just 5 minutes.
  • Obtain access to your cash the same day, so you can continue operating in real time!


  • No minimum credit score required-- simply connect us to your online business services, like a Quickbooks or a bank account.
  • You'll have fast access to cash to: buy equipment/inventory, boost marketing, build a website, hire staff, and keep your business winning!

For Everyone!

  • Whether it's for $2k, for $500K, or if you've only been in business for 90 days, CapitalStack caters to your needs!
  • We’ve made obtaining advances easier by offering 18% of your business’s annual revenue at lower APR’s and under better terms than most of the industry.
Merchant Cash Advance
Maximum Amount That They Lend $5,000 - $250,000 $2,000 - $100,000 $5,000 - $150,000 $2000 - $500,000
Terms 3 - 24 Months 1 - 6 Months 3 - 12 Months 3 days - 12 Months
Estimated Average
Funding Costs Range
40 - 80% 40 - 80% Over 100% 20 - 49%*
Approval Time Same Day Same Day 3 Days Same Day*
Minimum Credit Score
To Get Approved
500 550 No Minimum 500
About how much will
they loan you?
15% of Annual Revenues N/A 12% of Annual Revenues 18% of Annual
Personal Guarantee Yes No No Limited Personal Guaranty Only Under Certain Circumstances
Years in business before
loan consideration
1 Year 1 Year No Minimum 90 Days
*Funding Costs are estimated based on estimated factoring rates
*Same day availability applies to advance up to $150k
(888) 782-2510

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