How Capital Stack
moves at the speed of your business

We want to make obtaining the working capital you need fast and painless.

Quick, Easy, And For Everyone

Capital Stack is making it easy for small and mid-sized business owners to access working capital by offering the lowest total funding cost of our competitors. We can provide up to 18% of your annual revenue up front to help you keep your business moving forward.

How do we do it? We are better equipped to more accurately verify the validity of small businesses, which enables us to lend more at a time. We believe in small businesses and are committed to being a leader in small business lending to provide the working capital needed as quickly as doing the business.

A process built for winners.

5 minute application

Receive approval in 5 minutes

Working capital at the speed of doing business

Borrow up to 18% of annual revenue

No minimum credit score

Build on the success you’ve already created.

Winning businesses today begin with success you’ve already created.

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Cash flow at the speed of doing business

Use funding from Capital Stack to improve your business. Our merchants have used funds to:

Tell us what your business will be using the loan for:

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Receive an answer in minutes

What makes our approval process so unique is the data we look at to determine how much cash you qualify for. Online services you use every day may help you qualify for more funding.

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Make simple, informed decisions

Whether it’s $2k or $500k, we can provide your business with convenient, easy to obtain working capital.

Our payback options are scalable to your business’s needs.

Approval in 5 minutes